A Liberal Education

From BA to BS

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Becoming a career academic is like being a Richmond fan - you spend years hoping and praying something good will come of it, but you know, in the end, someone else will get the glory.
Tutor, Literature @ University of Melbourne

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And so, in the latest display of powerful femininity from the Third Wave, we have seen the birth of Vajazzling. The first report I have had back from this new phenomenon was from a dear friend of mine, who described it as, and I quote - “Like playing Bejewelled on her crotch.” From here, and I stress my sarcastic tone, clearly the only way is up.
Lecturer, Gender Studies @ UNSW.

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I just don’t understand all the crap we have to put up with about avoiding plagiarism. If we use it to improve our own work and ultimately create something original, why not? Girl Talk gets away with it every day!
Student @ University of Melbourne

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Mathematics is to engineering what kindergarten is to university - essential to begin your studies with, but ultimately completely irrelevant to anything of consequence.
Tutor, Engineering @ Monash University

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A Terrible Pun Does Not A Great Thesis Make

*A number of selected thesis titles*

Star Warts: The Effect Of Moonlight On Diurnal Salamander Biology

Zuckleberry Finn & The Great Internet Adventure: Social Networking and Business Futures

NomNomNomLOL: Teh Prevalence of Memes in Mod3rn Vernacular

and finally…

Slashfic: Homosexuality in Horror Cinema.

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Boys, you better get used to working in diverse teams now. That’s just the way of the world these days. You are always going to have to work effectively with women. Well, at least until you get to the board room.
Lecturer, Management @ London School of Economics

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