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Becoming a career academic is like being a Richmond fan - you spend years hoping and praying something good will come of it, but you know, in the end, someone else will get the glory.
Tutor, Literature @ University of Melbourne

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I just don’t understand all the crap we have to put up with about avoiding plagiarism. If we use it to improve our own work and ultimately create something original, why not? Girl Talk gets away with it every day!
Student @ University of Melbourne

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Attack of the Mature Age Student

This interchange took place in a tutorial on social science research methods. 

Tutor: One of the foundational values of conducting research with indigenous Australians is that the research must be of some material, direct benefit to them personally.  
MA Student: *Sound of tremendous enthusiasm*
Tutor: Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all that often. 
MA Student: Yes, I’ve certainly witnessed that through my involvement with research.
Tutor: Oh, I know this is sometimes inappropriate, but do you mind if I ask if you identify as indigenous?
MA Student: Yes, I do. 
Tutor: Awesome. From which people are your family? 
MA Student: Actually, I’m indigenous to another part of the world. 
Other Student: Kind of like how Danes are indigenous to Denmark?  

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This Probably Happens A Lot

Now, the text that we will be basing our studies on this semester is one I have written myself, and is located in the front of your reading pack.
Will hard copies of the text be available from the bookshop, sir?
No, unfortunately not. I haven't actually been able to find a publisher for this material yet, but that doesn't mean...
So... wait. You're basing our entire course on material you have written yourself and are yet to get published or peer reviewed?
Well, yes.

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